KidSmart GPS

  • Location tracking
  • Route history
  • SOS help button
  • Electronic Geofence
  • Two way communication
  • Remote monitoring

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Smart Location Technology

KidSmart GPS will track your child with real-time
information. Our advanced locatinon technology is 99% more accurate than leading competitors.

Electronic GeoFence & Safe Zone

This revolutionary function will allow parents to setup a safe zone where your child is allowed to travel. If the watch leaves this zone, an alert will be sent to your phone.

SOS Button

In case of an emergency, your child can simply push the SOS button to send you a SOS message.

Protect your child.

You Can’t Put A Price Tag On Your Child’s Safety

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Route History

KidSmart GPS records all routes your child traveled in the last three months of use.

Two Way Communication

If an emergency does occur, you will be able to send and receive messaged from your child directly from the watch.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your child’s surroundings with a sensitive microphone embedded in the watch to monitor all sounds.